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SUMMER 2023:

We are now accepting reservations and walk-ins! 


What you need to know to make your reservation:   


  • Reservations can be made by calling 604.840.0422 or by emailing Please not use social media to make your reservations!

  • Unless you are told otherwise and the time of your booking/walk-in seating: all parties will have 1.75 hours to dine. 

  • We ask you to promptly arrive at the time of your set reservation. If you think you will be arriving early, please call to see if you can be sat sooner than planned. If you arrive late, you a) may forfeit your preferred table; and, b) will shorten your 1.75-hour time slot. Parties that arrive more than 10-minutes past their reserved time will likely lose their table.

  • We most likely have a reservation wait-list for the evening and we ask that you respectfully notify us if you are unable to make your reservation so that another party may have the opportunity and we are not left with a vacancy!   


  • We love kids! And the Pink House Bistro isn't really for them. This is a space for adults and those that act like them. If you are bringing a young one please note there are no: 

    • ipads/screens at the tables​

    • crayons/markers on the tables

    • high chairs/booster seats

    • kids menus

    • running around - servers are moving around with hot drinks and plates and it's dangerous for everyone if we're trying to avoid a toddler-collision!


  • Seating is first come, first served and cannot be reserved. 

  • Maximum party size on patio is 4 people - no exceptions.

  • Our patio is uncovered and unheated. We ask diners come prepared for potential changing weather conditions, as we likely are unable to accommodate a table location change.

Dining Room:

  • Maximum party size in dining room is 8 people unless we are able to coordinate additional staff for the evening.

Please take the time to read more about additional changes to our dining protocols, to ensure you know what to expect during your dining  experience. Times are still different, and we will do everything possible to provide our guests with a "normal" and pleasurable culinary experience.

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to navigate this very challenging time in hospitality. 

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