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Health + Safety

Communicable Disease Plan

The pink house BISTRO ensures that all required precautions are being taken to keep our patrons, neighbours, and communities safe in regards to all communicable diseases. We, of course, have always held ourselves to the highest level of food standards and health and safety practices in accordance with Vancouver Coastal Health. Here are some of the additional steps we are taking.


We know that stringent hygiene practices are paramount when handling your food for preparation. It is in our best interest to ensure all measures are taken to keep ourselves and community safe. In addition to ensuring all high-touch surfaces and handles are sanitized before and during dinner service, this list comprises some of the additional measures we have instituted to keep everyone safe.

Shift Start

  • Immediately upon entering the Bistro, employees must sanitize their hands by using soap and water for 20+ seconds or a 70%+ alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  • When electronically signing in to begin shift, all employees will be asked to declare their health status. If YES is checked to experiencing the following symptoms (fever and/or chills, recent onset of coughing, diarrhea) the employee will not be able to continue clocking in and will sent home. If during a shift, an employee begins to experience these symptoms, their shift will immediately cease and the employee will be sent home.


Guests Entering Bistro

  • Masks are no longer a requirement per the province of BC and therefore are not needed for entry. If our guests feel more comfortable wearing their masks in and out of the Bistro, they are welcome to.

  • Guest hand sanitizer is available upon entry. 


Serving Tables

  • Guests will be offered only sanitized menus.

  • Employees must continue to sanitize hands before using the Point of Sale terminals to place food and drink orders.

  • Employees must sanitize hands before handling any items to be brought to guests.


Clearing Tables / Loading & Unloading Dishwasher

  • When clearing tables of dirty dishes and glassware, once handled, employees must immediately take them back to the dishwasher area.

  • Dishes and glassware will be carefully spayed, ensuring there is no spray-back onto the employees face or clothes, before loading into the dish tray.

  • Prior to leaving the dish area, with or without clean dish/glassware, employees must dry their hands with the towel provided and use the sanitizing gel before handling anything else.



  • All employees must sanitize their hands prior to entering the back bar area, ensuring the back bar remains free of contamination.

  • If the employee leaves the bar area to enter the kitchen to retrieve miscellaneous items, they will sanitize hands again when re-entering the back bar to prepare beverages.


Settling Guest Checks

  • If employees use a bill tray to serve the guest check, the tray must be sanitized after each use.

  • If the guest requires a payment terminal, the terminal must be sanitized before and after each use.

  • Employees are to re-sanitize their hands once the payment transaction is complete.

Cleaning Tables/Seats

  • Once the guest party has vacated the area, tables are to be cleaned in a 3-step process using the following agents:

  1. Start with multi-use hygiene spray and a white cloth to clean and degrease tables;

  2. Use Top Quat sanitizing spray with a blue microfiber cloth and let evaporate (ensure sides and undersides are also sanitized); and,

  3. Finish with green Windex bottle and fresh paper towel to remove streaks left by Top Quat sanitizer (once evaporated).

  • Bench seats, back-rests, stools, and other possible high-touch areas will be sanitized with the Top Quat sanitizer and a blue microfiber cloth – also to be left to evaporate. 


Shift End

  • Prior to leaving the premises, once personal belongings are gathered, all employees must sanitize their hands once more.

We encourage you to connect with us if you have any questions in regards to safety precautions.

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