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About Us

Lovers of people, food, travel, and music.

Vagabonds at heart, we have spent years back-and-forth from our native Vancouver. Travelling and working around the world, searching for unique cultural deliciousness. Be it fine dining, street-food, or as a guest in someone's home, culinary inspiration was found everywhere we looked. Despite our love for the road, we know there's no place more beautiful and inspiring than our own spectacular Sunshine Coast.

Married in 2013 and together forever before that, in 2019 we came to Gibsons to feed the locals and passers-by alike inspired food that's modern, healthy, and different. We are grateful we survived the pandemic as a new business. Our focus now is to continue to provide the community with the hospitality we have become known for.


Please read more about the precautions we are taking to keep our communities and ourselves safe.

Reservations are highly recommended!! Please submit a reservations request to secure your experience.

We thank you all for your continued love and support!!

Lisa Donner & Chef Michael Cameron 

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